A Bit Of Rough

Your little Bit of Rough to get to the smooth

When it comes to body exfoliation we often need a product that has a bit of roughness to achieve lovely smooth soft skin and the A BIT OF ROUGH wash cloth does just that!

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gentle enough to use on your face and robust enough to exfoliate your whole body

These exfoliating wash cloths are made up of a mix of fibres that are gentle enough to use on your face and robust enough to exfoliate your whole body, removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin glowing, soft and smooth.

easy to use!

It’s really easy to use A Bit Of Rough wash cloth and there is no need for any chemicals or expensive exfoliating creams – simply use with your favourite skin care brand or product to achieve a really effective exfoliation.

If it’s a pre holiday body scrub, a post waxing exfoliation or removing the remains of that old spray tan then the A BIT OF ROUGH wash cloth is the perfect choice.

A Bit of Rough is a cream coloured exfoliating wash cloth approximate 100cm x 30cm, large enough to reach your back and to exfoliate the whole body.

Just rinse out after use and it dries really quickly and they are machine washable so you can wash it as often as you wish.

With just a little shower gel you get a really rich lather and will make each shower experience a total pampering session. So, if you want to experience the Japanese spa style body ritual in the comfort of your own bathroom then try the A BIT OF ROUGH wash cloth to see how amazingly soft and clean your skin will feel.

ibiza rough!

Sorry but we couldn’t resist that one! Wherever you go on your holidays, A BIT OF ROUGH is your perfect travel companion. Use it before your holiday to get rid of dry skin and to make way for a golden tan. Use it whilst you’re there so that your tan is deeper and last long after you return to gloomy blighty. It’s lightweight, dries out really quickly.


With spray tanning we can often end up with patchy areas as it comes to the end of its life A BIT OF ROUGH exfoliating wash cloths are great for getting rid of these patches often in hard to reach areas. Simply pop some baby oil unto your wash cloth and give a good scrub to all those hard to reach areas and then just lather up with some shower cream and you are ready for your next spray tanning session. Our wash cloth is machine washable so just pop it in the washing machine to clean after use and have a nice clean cloth ready for next time.

SMOOTH Operator!

Waxing is the most popular temporary hair removal treatment and often it’s recommended to follow a regime of exfoliation to keep skin spot free and to keep your freshly waxed skin soft and smooth. The great thing about these wash cloths is they can be scrunched up to use in one area or they are long enough to use on the back of the body. So guys no excuses for spots after that back wax treatment you can have A BIT OF ROUGH too!!

Pores For Thought

If you have sensitive, normal or combination skin A BIT OF ROUGH cloth suits all! It really is gentle enough to use on the face; just use with your favourite skin care range to achieve a deep cleaning effect. Enhance your facial cleansing regime with a wash cloth. You can scrunch it up for a good old scrub or used more gently around the eyes and those delicate fine lines!!

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