Manscaping vs Waxing

Manscaping in london

Manscaping vs waxing…

To manscape or to wax, that is the question. Depending on the reason for choosing hair removal, there are benefits and drawbacks of both methods, which is why at JD Waxing we offer both services. For years, men have been removing body hair for a number of reasons such as sport ,for cultural /religious reasons or often just the desire to feel sexier, etc. In fact, more and more men are choosing to wax over any other hair removal method. More recently however, manscaping is being offered in salons, is readily available, and a popular choice for many men who are unsure of waxing or who only need a short-term hair free period. Lets look at some pro’s and cons of both services.

male waxing pros :

Waxing will remove hair from the follicle, meaning it takes longer than shaved hair to grow back – you can expect to enjoy smooth and hair free skin for up to 3 weeks. At JD waxing, Male waxing treatments are our speciality – we are a team of qualified and professional therapists so you can be sure of a first class service each visit. Waxing regularly helps the hair to grow back slower and finer. We use only the highest quality wax – Perron Rigot ‘Homme’ – formulated specifically for use on tougher, coarse male hair. As the UK brand ambassador for Perron Rigot we use the full range of pre and post care products to ensure as comfortable a wax as possible.

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Manscaping In London
Chest and abs manscaping in London

male waxing cons :

If you’ve got a low pain threshold you’ll probably find it hurts a bit ! You will try your best to ‘man up’ during a wax, but it still stings! It is more expensive than shaving and manscaping. If you don’t follow the aftercare guidelines provided you could end up with a breakout!

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manscaping pros:

It’s cheaper than waxing. You can easily incorporate it into your routine – although you won’t need to do it every day, you know you’ll have the means to keep things tidy whenever you want. The DIY element – if you can shave your face, you can probably shave or manscape your chest too – you only need to invest in a good set of clippers and a few quality grooming products.

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Male waxing in London
Chest and abs manscaping in London

manscaping cons :

If you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s possible you could irritate your skin – freshly shaved skin is super sensitive and can be prone to razor bump! Regrowth will be prickly and often itchy! Shaving won’t last as long as waxing. You are essentially cutting off the hair at the point where it meets your skin – whereas waxing removes the hair from the follicle. Shaving will last up to a week before needing to be repeated. There may be some areas you can’t quite reach yourself – safely! Therefore it’s difficult to get a properly blended and groomed finish.

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Jack Dunn Waxing Expert


You may wish to have a more groomed appearance for a holiday or a special occasion, or prefer to be hairfee for a longer period of time such as a holiday. Whatever your reason for hair removal, we have an option to suit everyone and remember – we also combine treatments. Our most popular combo is a back, neck and shoulder wax with manscaping of the chest and abs. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about the services we offer.


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