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Jack Dunn & youtube

Our YouTube channel has been designed to help newly trained therapists to develop their technique. It’s also great for therapists looking to refresh their skills and gain more confidence in waxing.

It’s not only useful for Therapists, but to waxing newbies too!

Our videos really help you get a feel for what is involved and what to expect for your first treatment. As well as things like positioning, types of waxes and waxing methods applied!

If you’d like to subscribe or see any of the step-by step videos we have to offer, click here!

free waxing!

From time to time we need models for our workshops and also when we do videos or images for our social media. If you’re interested to register as a model for any of these workshops then please get in touch using the contact box below and we will send you the details and register you on our model database. When we use any models there is no charge for the waxing treatment and we will provide you with suitable after care products.

waxing Workshops

I do offer waxing workshops from time to time for therapists who’ve had previous training but just feel like they’d benefit from a some additional support to refresh or to gain a new technique. These workshops are only offered as a one-to-one or a group of two therapists (if you have a friend or therapist that you’re happy to attend together). If it’s something you’re interested in please send your request here. Send us a request for Information using the contact box below.

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Thank you for your enquiry with regards to our Waxing Workshops.

We will get back to you shortly with the information relevant to your request and look forward to hearing from you in due course

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